PS3 Jailbreak for Dummies

So you’ve decided to buy a Play Station 3 game console. Unless you are reasonably well off, the initial $300 for the game console plus $30-$60 for a game can be quite painful to your bank account. Initially Play Station 3 has been labeled a “rich man’s game console” because simply, the games are just too expensive. Nevertheless, because of the genius of countless hackers, they were able to find a solution: PS3 Jailbreak.


So What is PS3 Jailbreak?


PSJailbreak P3 Mod ChipThe PS3 Jailbreak, as the word itself suggests, means that brilliant hackers are able to break the firmware for the PS3 game console. It means, they’ve figured out how the whole system works and how to run their own custom code or homebrews on the PS3. Jailbreaking PS3 is also unanimous to the fact that you can now play pirated games on your console. Jailbreaking PS3 involves inserting a PS3 modchip to your hardware which is a plug and play device that decodes your PS3 and lets you play your homebrew and pirated games.

Where can you get a PS3 Modchip?


Essentially, modchips can be purchased online. As of the moment, the latest PS3 modchips are already out of stock in the market due to their high demand. Because the PS3 modchips have only been recently released, they aren’t completely bug-free and perhaps it’s better to wait a few months for updated versions. Nevertheless, make sure you read reviews and identify the authenticity of the product before you buy because there are plenty of opportunists out there that sell fakes.


PS3Key modchip for PS3

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Compatible with all PS3 Fat and Slim PlayStation models.

PS3break low cost PS Jailbreak Alternative!

PS3 Break PS Jailbreak usb chipThe PS3 Break USB PlayStation 3 JailBreaking Chip is a small USB device shaped as a regular USB thumb drive memory card, but despite its simple appearance it houses inside a complicated USB Hub emulator chip with some clever programming that allows your PS3 go into debug mode and so run 3rd party - Sony unsigned code on your PS3. This in turn lets you play homebrew games and applications, as well as Make & Play game backups from the internal or external USB hard drive!


Its the best PS JailBreak solution on the market with upgradable firmware to get around future Sony firmware updates, improved Game reading speeds from HDD, PS3 Backup Manager for creating backups of BlueRay Discs and loading / playing games from the HDD, Plug-and-play support - no installation or soldering necessary. And best of all it does NOT cost you $130 USD like the PSJailbreak - You can get it for a very reasonable Price of: $44.95 - PS3 Break


The PSJailbreak dongle is an easy-to-use modchip that will only be plugged in the USB port to enable Playstation 3 emulator users to play games and run backups off the hard drive. Unlike other modchips used for the Wii and Xbox 360, this particular modchip is rather simplified, straightforward to use, and does not require soldering so in a way, it does not void the warranty of your Playstation 3.

  • x3 Jailbreak
    x3Jailbreak is offers as a cheap alternative for PSJailbreak that costs more than $130 USD. x3 Does the same job but for far less.

    PlayStation 3 HDD - play ISO games on PS3 from external USB HDD without a softmod. Compatible Jailbreak USBkey is required.