PS3key vs. PSJailbreak & clone chips x3 Jailbreak, PS3 Break, etc.

PS3key reviewPS3Key Feature List

  • Same as other PlayStation 3 modchips PS3Key is also USB Plug&Play mod that can be installed without opening the PS3 or soldering, just by plugging it into a USB port at the front of the console.
  • PS3Key does not void your warranty and makes no irreversible modifications to console hardware.
  • Same as other PS3 USB Chips it is compatible with all Fat and Slim PS3 models from all regions including : USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA.
  • An improvement on the original PSJailbreak design is the option to update the firmware of the PS3Key from a PC to make it bypass later firmware updates from Sony.
  • Has built in feature to disables forced consoles software updates and will so it will never brick your PS.
  • And of course it supports homebrew apps and game backup manager.
  • Upgraded software for game copying, and playing backups from external USB Hard Drive.
  • Faster seek and loading times for all backup games.
  • Supports installing homebrew application on PS3 and external USB media.
  • If you want the PS3Key to be 100% legal in any country of the world it can be shipped with an "open" firmware that does not support game backup loading. User can install his own choice of firmware update PS3 USB ChipforPS3Key to gain any additional functionality - or You can choose to get the "full" package with the PS3 Backup Manager compatible firmware on the chip so you can start making copies of your games in minutes after receiving the new PS3Key.


Summary of the Critic’s Test Results

  • As long as the console has a PS3 Backup Manager installed, backup games can still run on it.
  • PS3Key Backup Manager can be uninstalled and console returned to virgin state.
  • Ripping the backups to internal hard disk drive will give you more speed with the games than using the external hard disk drive.
  • Updates must be uninstalled for the backups to work.


After learning the steps on how PS3key work, you need to know more considerations about them.

  • Ripping the GOw3 file took around90 minutes as it was copied to the internal drive of the console.
  • Dates are not available for games backed up and loaded from the PS3 Jailbreak Chip. However, loading the games using Blu-Ray would allow you to follow dates on the games.
  • PS3key still works online.
  • Loading the games directly from PS3key will not allow you to exclude viewing the videos of the game.
  • The PS3key Jailbreak Chip still has to be connected to the console properly so that the Backup Manager will also function well enough.
  • Ignited console does not give any good results for the device and for PS3key itself.





PS3 Break PS Jailbreak usb chip



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Compatible with all PS3 Fat and Slim PlayStation models.

PS3break low cost PS Jailbreak Alternative!

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  • x3 Jailbreak
    x3Jailbreak is offers as a cheap alternative for PS3key that costs more than $130 USD. x3 Does the same job but for far less.

    PlayStation 3 HDD - play ISO games on PS3 from external USB HDD without a softmod. Compatible Jailbreak USBkey is required.


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x3 Jailbreak review. You know that PS3 ModChips are needed for users to be able to run Homebrew unsigned code on their PS and to attach an external PS3 USB Hard Drive and play copied PS3 Disc backups from Hard Drive instead of the Blue-Ray disc. PS3Key PS3 Mod-Chip from the makers of WiiKey and DriveKey, x3 Jailbreak  review mod and PS3 Break are good alternatives to the original PS Jailbreak mod. There have been improvements to PS3 Backup Manager making it near impossible for Sony PSN to detect ModChips and PS3DM when playing backup games online. Best Chip - PS3key new features like stealth mode and an option to disable the mod when going on-line. Update blocker and firmware version changer.