PS3 Hacked!

PS3 HackedThe latest buzz now is that the PS3 has already been hacked by a powerful USB device better known as the PS Jailbreak. This tool works similar to that of an HD Loader, only that it is more advanced and with more features.  This modern day HD Loader will enable users to do away with the original PS3 games and instead make copies of them and storing these into the FAT32 hard drives where gamers can play all the games they want from there.

Interested individuals can check out the official website of this product, and there are also snippets available just to give us an idea of what is and what it can do. Gaming hackers from all over the world have confirmed that this thing is in fact the real deal.

PS3 Games HDDSony execs are surely scratching their heads now when they take into consideration just what this PS Jailbreak can do. Major blow for sure! It has been said that this device has a plug and play function that will work even with the latest firmware and has been reported to support Homebrew, run twice as fast as Blu-ray, and can be updated without any problem. A one second video and a close image of this USB device have been released.

Interesting Details We Have Gathered

According to Hacker Xorloser, the USB device can make the PS3 into a debug unit allowing gamers to install and play all kinds of games from the console’s hard drive. Mathielh and the others have also bragged about this capability and are wondering if maybe the device uses an illegal code with the PS3 SDK, which gives it the power to do some pretty cool stuff.

Quite similar to the HD Loader, this breakthrough poses a lot of implications to the console and to the Sony company because people renting and borrowing games would no longer have to do so now. They can simply copy and store the games in their hard drive and play them anytime. We are hopeful that the PS3 Jailbreak device can actually pave the way for real homebrew projects. Think about what it can do with Move. Now that would surely be something, wouldn’t it?


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